How to Park

How to Park

September 27, 2013

Special Notice For Visitor Parking

Effective February 3, 2017, no bills larger than $20 will be accepted at any campus information booth or any of the medical information booths including Ronald Reagan Cashiering.

Disability placard holders are required to pay for parking when parked anywhere on campus. To purchase, please make your way to the nearest information booth or pay-by-space station. At the pay-by-space station, please select DP parking and follow directions.

UCLA offers over 50 parking areas located around campus that accept several payment options. A proper permit is required for most parking areas.

Where to Park

Please refer to the appropriate campus parking map to find a parking structure convenient to your destination on campus, including accessible parking spaces.

Campus Map

Self-Service Parking Pay Stations

Green Pay Station PIf you know where you are going on campus and need short-term parking, Parking Pay Stations are fast and flexible. All-day permits may also be purchased at Pay Stations.

Campus Map

Daily Permits

InformationVisitors may purchase all-day (daily) parking permits at an Information & Parking Booth on campus. Our attendants will issue you a parking permit and direct you to an appropriate parking lot or structure. They can also provide directions to campus attractions and answer any questions you may have.

Effective September 16, 2013, Information & Parking Booths will accept cash and BruinCard payments only. Credit cards may be used at self-service parking pay stations.

Information & Parking Booth