Bruin Commuter Park (BCP)

Bruin Commuter Park (BCP)

September 30, 2013

Bruin Commuter Club (BCC) members are automatically eligible to receive discounted daily parking through Bruin Commuter Park.

Are you a UCLA student, staff or faculty member and a sustainable transportation commuter? Would you like to use alternative transportation but still need to occasionally drive to campus?

Bruin Commuter Park (BCP) provides eligible alternative transportation commuters with discounted daily parking. Participants receive:

  • $6 parking (normally $12)
  • Unlimited re-entries throughout the day

Please note that BCP privilieges are not transferrable.


How to Obtain Your Discounted Parking 

  1. Pull up to a campus Information & Parking Booth, excluding the Ronald Reagan, Medical Plaza and Jules Stein kiosks. 
  2. Present your valid University ID (BruinCard) to the parking kiosk attendant and say you are a member of the Bruin Commuter Club.
  3. Inform the attendant which lot/structure you wish to be parked in. If the lot/structure is unavailable, you will be parked in the nearest available lot. Students will be parked in the nearest available student lot.

Please note that Information & Parking Booth's only take cash or BruinCard payments.


Staff and Faculty 

  • Must be an active Bruin Commuter Club (BCC) member
  • Must have a valid University ID (BruinCard)
  • Receive unlimited discounted daily permits
  • “Yellow” parking privileges will be granted unless the customer has pre-determined parking privileges
  • If you have a special need for a Blue or X permit, please see your commute coordinator to complete an Exception Application, Blue/X form and submit both forms to the UCLA Transportation Office

Please note that BCP discounted parking purchased from the Information & Parking Booth, cannot be used in Pay-By-Space parking stalls.


  • Must be an active Bruin Commuter Club (BCC) member
  • Must have a valid University ID (BruinCard)
  • Receive five (5) discounted daily permits per quarter
  • “Yellow” parking privileges will be granted

Bruin Commuter Services 
Phone: 310-794-7433

UCLA Transportation


555 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA CA 90095-1360

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