Bruin Commuter Club (BCC) Walk Benefits

Bruin Commuter Club (BCC) Walk Benefits

November 7, 2013

Bruin Commuter Club Walk Benefits are an annual monetary incentive available to eligible Bruin Commuter Club Members.


Who is eligible for BCC Walk Benefits?

In order to receive Bruin Commuter Club Walk Benefits, participants must:
  • Be a current UCLA faculty or staff member
  • Be enrolled in the Bruin Commuter Club (BCC)
  • Use walking as primary commute mode to UCLA for a minimum of three consecutive months
  • Not receive benefits or subsidies from any other alternative mode of transportation
  • Must use walking as primary commute mode
  • Live within four miles of the UCLA campus
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What are the BCC Walk Benefits?

Benefit #1: Walker's Welcome Kit (one-time benefit)

Eligible participants may pick up their Walker's Welcome Kit at the Bruin Commuter Services front counter in the Strathmore Building during regular business hours.

Benefit #2: Members can select one or more of the following items for a total value of $50 (annual benefit):

  • Commuter passport from UCLA Recreation: $25 value
  • The Walking Company Gift card: $25 or $50 value


How do I get my BCC Walk Benefits?

Click here to apply for your walk benefits online.