Vehicle Purchase Process – Department Owned Vehicles & Monthly Leased Vehicle Program

Vehicle Purchase Process – Department Owned Vehicles & Monthly Leased Vehicle Program

September 12, 2013

Step 1: Start the vehicle purchase process at least six months before the vehicle must be placed into service. Plan ahead and earmark department funds or request Fleet assistance with an internal lease arrangement.

Step 2: Go online and research vehicles you feel are best suited for your budget and daily needs. Fleet and Campus Purchasing have established vehicle procurement contracts with Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge and can offer special pricing for those vehicles. Additionally, selecting a Chevrolet vehicle may be the most cost effective scenario when considering acquisition and maintenance costs because Fleet Services is a GM Warranty Shop.

Step 3: Request a Fleet Consultation to discuss your vehicular needs (e.g., vehicle configuration and specifications, usage, route requirements and other needs based on the application).

Step 4: Submit the required documentation to officially start the vehicle purchase process: Vehicle Service Request (VSR) and Vehicle Acquisition Justification (VAJ).

Step 5: All vehicle purchase requests are submitted to Campus Administration for final approval, which can take up to 10 working days.

Step 6: All vehicles will be special ordered direct from the manufacturer to optimize cost savings (approximately 90 days to build and deliver vehicle factory direct). Only in case of emergencies will vehicle orders be acquired from local dealers' “off the lot” inventory (approximately 30 days). Emergencies include accidents or major component failures (e.g., engines, transmissions or rear ends).

Step 7: Fleet will generate the purchase requisition and work with Campus Purchasing to obtain a purchase order to obtain the vehicle.

Step 8: Upon delivery, Fleet Services will inspect vehicle, prep, install University decals and register and obtain State of CA Exempt license plates, which can take up to 10 working days.

Step 9: All University vehicles are required to have a University parking permit. Contact your commute coordinator for details.

Step 10: Fleet will coordinate new vehicle deliveries with the campus department. Drivers are required to present a valid driver license at the time of pick-up.