Faculty and Staff Carpool Permit Requirements

Faculty and Staff Carpool Permit Requirements

September 13, 2013

UCLA faculty and staff who qualify for a valid carpool are given parking at a discounted rate. Please review eligibility details below.

Faculty and Staff Carpool Permit Eligibility

  • Employee carpools must have at least two (2) UCLA or ASUCLA employees working at least 40% time.
  • The primary work location of each employee must be on the UCLA campus during the duration of the parking permit issued.
  • Graduate Students employed at least 40% as Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants or Readers may be members of a UCLA carpool and obtain a discounted parking permit through their Departmental Parking Coordinator. Graduate students on stipends or grants must provide verification with the application to qualify.
  • Carpool members must ride together at least three days per week, Monday through Friday, and live in areas that facilitate a logical commute pattern.
  • A carpool receives only one parking decal and one gate access card.
  • Carpools can be issued on an Annual or Quarterly basis depending upon eligibility; quarterly carpools are not automatically renewed and a new application must be submitted each quarter.
  • One employee is designated the primary permit holder, and the permit allocation comes from the departmental allocation of that primary member. Each employee carpool member must pay their individual portion of the carpool permit fee.
  • All applications must be submitted together to UCLA Transportation.
  • Employee carpool members may be eligible to join the Bruin Commuter Club (BCC). BCC provides access to special incentives and benefits including discounted daily parking when you need it. Click here for more information and to register.
  • Carpool members do not qualify for UCLA's subsidized transit programs (e.g., BruinGO!, Go Metro, LADOT, City of Santa Clarita Transit or Antelope Valley Transit Authority).
  • Carpool members may not participate in a UCLA Vanpool.

Note: UCLA undergraduate students (employed or not) and non-employee graduate students do not qualify as members of an employee carpool but can qualify for a Student Carpool permit.